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Nov 16, 2012 9:00pm PST
on and in the north east corner along townsend and that area will be wmou and still office district but extended down the length of townsend to seventh street and recognizing what is a hi tech corridor there and currently in western soma there are no neighborhood commercial districts but the plan is adding two of them to the area and the first is rcd runs along ninth and tenth street roughly from harrison to mission, and a little different from most neighborhood commercial districts. they're usually intended to create a fine grain nature, a lot of neighborhood serving using and residential above. that is essentially what is happening here but there is a recognition of the two corridors are trafficked by regional traffic. there are existing properties and buildings with large floor plates in the areas and provide services that go beyond the surrounding neighborhood but there is an emphasis to make the streets not just regional thoroughfares but also neighborhood commercial streets, and then also along folsom street from roughly seventh to tenth is the creation of the folsom neighborhood commercial
Nov 10, 2012 4:30am PST
townsend. she is a member of the cia external advisory committee. fran, you said that this is a terrible blow for the country, aside from losing his expertise to the cia what other reprecussions do you see to the intelligence community? >> you know what, i think we have to put this in perspective. while much of washington, i think, the country was shocked by yesterday's news of david petraeus' resignation, the cia is an agency that has suffered terrible losses. remember, at the coast bombing they lost a good number of their own offices, who were killed. so, this is an agency that understands the depths of loss and the heights of success and the killing of bin laden. they're going to be fine. move on as an organization and the new acting deputy director career analyst from the cia. he was george w. bush's presidential briefer. he is an absolute professional and respected throughout the agency. look, i expect that the cia will be, you know, certainly competently and well led and they will continue to focus on their mission as they have through other successes and other tragedy. >> a former
Nov 2, 2012 10:30pm PDT
to showplace square along townsend street. this is a substantial development opportunity. but perhaps more significant, throughout the whole area, in particular in the nct and the urban mixed use on th and 10th street, we have really relaxed the 1990 zonings limitations on business development. * ninth we allow most times any kind of office and any kind of business in those areas. we would expect to see dozens, certainly, probably -- how can you predict, but a hundred or more new small businesses take advantage of this over the coming 20 years to open up. and that also is consistent with our vision of a genuine mixed use neighborhood with substantial small business activity as well as substantial residential neighborhood amenities. we also specifically maintain south of the freeway the commercial only district, the current sli from the 1990 zoning to become the service arts light industrial district, the sally district under our west soma plan. there is a real need for this district. that is the most auto accessible and auto impacted part of our neighborhood. there is need for substantial
Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm PST
that in a moment with dana bash and fran townsend. new explosions happening right now in gaza. let's go to sara sidner. what are you hearing? >> reporter: s >> sara, it's anderson cooper what are you hearing. >> we just looked at a ball of fire that was a ball of spark, eventually. i'll move out of the shot here. it was an absolutely bone-rattling blast and we all fell to the floor. what we now know is that we think that the building that it hit was perhaps a police headquarters that used to be the office where you would pick up your passport in years past, but this has been the closest strike to us that we've seen. we're not quite sure because we did not hear the it willtale signs of an air strike so we're not exactly sure what went on in there, but man, was there a couple of very, very strong blasts and then we saw a ball of fire coming up and it also looked like there were sparks and so that might indicate that there were perhaps some explosives or something inside whatever building was hit and we're also hearing the sounds of drones overhead. it sounds almost like a lawn mower, anderson and
Nov 23, 2012 10:00pm PST
. in fact i would suggest probably none and i think the hotel rooms count need to go beyond townsend and clear need for it. there is not enough in the city and major employer and where you get jobs and no hotels along folsom and they have taken that out of the marketplace, so i think you've got to go upwardos both locations. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there additional public comment? okay. commissioners i will give you an option. if you would like to take a break now this item went longer and more in-depth and take a break with commissioner comments we can do that. i see some heads bobbing. so the commission is going to take a short break and come back to this item. thank you.
Nov 10, 2012 6:00pm EST
. it is on. 77 yards. 27-7. in the fourth quarter, townsend in front of rhode island. senior day. the 91st meeting between the two. this one all bluejays. hopkins taking a 14-0 lead. goes 7 yards. taking it all out. 2nd quarter. 24 yards. nice desperate johns hopkins finished the regular season 9 and 1. high school football -- nice. johns hopkins finished the regular season 9 and 1. high school football. one last college football story. one that may leave a lasting legacy. maybe it is overblown. the texas tech coach frustrated during the game with kansas slaps the assistant coach, knocking his headset to the ground. it looks bad on tv. not acceptable behavior. he got the coach's attention during don't know what may happen because of that move. we will wait and see. >> tomorrow, mostly sunny. mount. 63-67. here is the 7 day forecast. tomorrow is great. monday is ok. rain chance monday night. still in the 60's. is a, kind of rainy. tomorrow is great. get out and enjoy it. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
Nov 26, 2012 1:30pm PST
. and is essentially from mission street or just a scoach down to mission street and townsend street. the bow tie is because in the middle there you have the sixth street redevelopment project area, which no longer exists. but that was included as part of zoning goes as part of the eastern neighborhoods process. so, fourth street to division, mission to townsend, with the exception of the sixth street area. >> thank you, mr. makko. that explains it because that was already preempted being part of a redevelopment. i think this is a very desirable process because what i heard today is people getting together and deciding what collectively might be the best thing rather than -- and i'm not being critical of the other processes, but oftentimes i hear situations, particularly in transportation planning, where, well, let's see what we can get funding for and it's done in piecemeal ways. and i'm hearing what i like to hear is, let's pick out what we feel would be the most ideal solutions. we may not be able to get it. the market will control to some degree. public funding will control it, but at least y
Nov 29, 2012 8:00pm PST
still get confused. mr. president, commissioners, arnold townsend, reverend arnold townsend supporting the d-r. i just wanted to make a couple of comments, that number one, one of the problems that happens to people is that they see a piece of property and they're able to buy it which in this town isn't always that easy. and they're able to buy it. and certainly people next door have a right to build when they want to do thing. but if you're not careful, they'll build something to where you no longer own the
Nov 18, 2012 3:00am PST
the hotel rooms count need to go beyond townsend and clear need for it. there is not enough in the city and major employer and where you get jobs and no hotels along folsom and they have taken that out of the marketplace, so i think you've got to go upwardos both locations. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there additional public comment? okay. commissioners i will give you an option. if you would like to take a break now this item went longer and more in-depth and take a break with commissioner comments we can do that. i see some heads bobbing. so the commission is going to take a short break and come back to this item. thank you.> i wo everyone back to san francisco planning commission regular hearing for november 15, 2012. we left off in the middle of your regular calendar item 12, the western soma community plan informational presentation number two and we just concluded public comment commissioners. >> commissioners, comments? questions? commissioner antonini. >> thank you. i appreciate the presentation. with the neighborhood districts in folsom seems like a logical place fo
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
road. >>> there is a line for gas right now in townsend at the hess station. the first 100 customers are paying $1.84 for gas. now this is a protest going on by americans for prosperity. they say the president's policies failing and they want to return gas prices to preobama days. however if you take a look at 2008 the election the summertime the prices were over four dollars a gallon. the price of $1.84 is going on until six. >> getting gas in new jersey is just one of the many problems in the aftermath of sandy. >> we will take you back to jury sir and new york. >> and those tiny miracles born during sandy and how the medical advances have keeping them alive. >> and the difference between an allergy and a cold. find out when we continue right after this. . >>> really is hard to forget the images of the nicu babies being evacuated from a hospital during hurricane sandy. many of them just fighting for every breath. we tell you about a new approach to caring for them and helping keep them alive. >> reporter: learning to walk is a milestone for any child but for little nicholas the
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm EST
't work. temperatures mid40s. low 40s in townsend. 47 easton. chilly, no question. its been cloudy for most of the day. a bit of a system developing now across the carolina coast. we expect this to just sort of meander out to sea, the cape hatt era s area and out over the open atlantic. perhaps we will seat cloud cover. maybe breezy conditions toward the second half of the weekend and early next week. right now hour by hour overnight just a clear, cool, brisk november night. down to 33 by dawn. how things shape up through the weekend coming up. >> a local school one of just five in the country to receive a special grant. delaney high was gifted an educator for a day grant. all the parents and community members were invited into see how what you learn translates to the real world. they picked the school for the work its been doing with students. >> we recognize schools across the country who are doing really inspiring things for students, for six years we actually have two schools with in the maryland area who received it this year. >> kelley went to delaney and mike. the money
Nov 15, 2012 6:00pm EST
a november chill. holding tough out there right now. 38 in townsend. 41 aberdeen. we have 37 westminister already and are down to 42 in the state capitol, 45 east, chilly stuff. winds not as prevalent. still a bit of a north breeze under cloudy sky, clouds have held temperatures down. now we are watching a new coastal system. we will see what happen was that. more on that in just a few minutes but for now no overnight, chilly again and brisk. back to you. >> developing news story about another popular energy drink. this time five hour energy is under investigation. officials say the drinks may be connected to more than a dozen deaths and this just weeks after we told you about a local family suing monster. they say their daughter died from drinking monster. five hour energy comes in a tiny bottle, just about two ounces but has the same amount of caffeine has two cups of coffee. the fda has reports of 13 deaths and 33 hospital stays in the past four years, all claiming the shots were involved. the company behind five hour says there is no connection between their drink and the deaths and
Nov 9, 2012 4:00pm PST
as well today. fred kaplin joins me from, author and fran townsend, a contributor for us. fred, let me start with you. you were the first to write about this specific, the affair today and to mention paulabroad well. what can you tell us? >> well, i can tell you that i have this from multiple, highly reliable sources. you know, she wrote this book about him, which was more of a valentine to him. people, it had been rumored that something was going on between the two of them for some time. i never believed it. people who knew him better than i did never believed it. i've always viewed him as a very straight arrow. >> i had the same impression. a man who walked the walk and talked the talk. and fran, you also know him very well. is this, this specific affair, this really the reason that he is resigning? >> yeah, i've heard nothing to suggest there's any other reason. i think it is in fact related to the allegations of the extramarital affair and look, i think when you look at the letter he wrote, he's taken personal responsibility. he's hold, i think he's holding himself accounta
Nov 10, 2012 1:00am PST
.s. intelligence community? joining me now is fran townsend and bob baer and suzanne kelly. suzanne, what more can you tell us about the probe into the relationship with paula broadwell? do we know how long this has been going on? >> we don't know how long it was going on, but just the -- so they're the ones that would look into accusations of inappropriate access to classified information. individuals that hold clearances, are they doing what they need to be doing to make sure that information stays safe? is there any opportunity whatsoever that that information could be exploited by either a spy or anyone else who shouldn't have access to that information. so the fact that they were the ones looking into this, tells you that, you know, they were concerned about some of the e-mail things. let's back up for a moment. this was a tip that they were given. that there was this relationship going on between the two. what they have dug into were things like e-mails, texts, things like that. and they know the two, if it turns out to be paula, and we can't confirm it is, and a tip was given using her name
Nov 14, 2012 10:00pm PST
townsend, a member of the cia's external advisory board. fran, have you been talking to sources, what have you learned about possible legal fallout? >> it's interesting, anderson. we understand that paula broadwell consented to the search of her homes, but after a discussion between her lawyers and the fbi, they decided to get a search warrant. we understand that they are reviewing documents, but based on what they've seen so far, they say that the classified material is one, not substantial, two, while it may be a technical violation, it's not egregious. as a result of that, the law enforcement official told me they don't expect there will be a prosecution related to the unauthorized release of classify information, but that ultimately, that's not a decision that the fbi will make. they will make a presentation, they expect to wrap up in the next few days. they may want to do a final interview of paula broadwell, they will present what they have to the justice department and it's ultimately the justice's department decision whether to prosecute or issue a declaration. basically they'll de
Nov 30, 2012 1:00am PST
contributor, fran townsend. the u.s. ambassador to syria, robert ford, confirmed that the obama administration is considering deeper intervention to help the rebels in syria, something that to date, it's been loathe to do. no decision has been made at least not yet, we're told. what do you make of this? it would certainly be a dramatic policy shift. >> it would, wolf, but in some ways, it's too late. it's awfully, there are real consequences to the fact we waited and acted through allies. this has been a real crisis along the turkish border. we worked with our arab allies in saudi arabia and qatar but meanwhile, the vacuum that's been created while the assad regime annihilates its own people, the bloodshed that's taken place, has created this vacuum. the lack of western action, not just u.s. but also its allies, and allowed people like al qaeda to get in there and extremists and insert themselves. it's become a much more dangerous situation. we have seen the developments today with taking down of the internet, for example, and you really do have to worry about why the assad regime is doing tha
Nov 14, 2012 9:00am PST
'll hear from white house court reporter briana keiller and fran townsend and former governor of michigan jennifer granholm, host of "the war room" on current tv. >>> the last time the president held an official news conference, rick santorum appeared to have the edge over mitt romney in republican primaries, and the first campaign reallily was two months away. that was back in march 6th. fast forward to today we want to bring in briana keiller. it's expected that the fiscal cliff is going to be a big topic, but also the scandal that broke about the former cia chief, david petraeus. how does the president essentially stay on message and move on to the economy? >> well, is he going to be trying to turn this to the economy, suzanne, but the fact is he will be definitely getting questions about the scandal, about general petraeus, and certainly about his faith in general allen, so that is going to be a topic. he will try to pivot to the economy and to talk about the fiscal cliff, which is obviously his number one priority trying to get that resolved, and we also expect that he will be here t
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm PST
to investigate this. fran townsend, appreciate it. there is new information on jill kelley and her husband scott. they started a charity and dissolved it later. >> drew joins me, what have you learned? >> another twisted part of this tale. as jill kelley was entertaining top military brass in her backyard she and her husband were battling a bank and court because the documents show the red brick house that we have been showing purchased in 2004 for $1.5 million four years later the bank files to foreclose on the kelly's because the bank says they hadn't sent in a mortgage payment since september 2009. the kellkelleys show they are n other lawsuits involving money and the kelley family. >> what about the charity? >> it was called the dr. kelley cancer foundation. it was to conduct research and efforts of term ali ill patients. it spent the same amount on expenses and no record of cancer research and record of care for patients. resources said the matching amounts in a charity's first year are very unusual. more than $8,000 on automobile expenses. dues and subscriptions $6700 the charity lifted $5
Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm PST
, in relation to confidential s material she may be in the clear as well? >> yeah, fran townsend had reported this earlier this evening. it is peers as though the information may have been classified but there wasn't any serious concerns there. it will be up to the department of justice to decide. >> he released a statement today saying he intends to cooperate with the agency. he believes that the e-mails were harmless. >> his statement was pretty confident. it didn't sound like something coming that it was going to be damaging from their careers. it some possible that at the end of the day general petraeus was the casualty of an affair. of how he had phrased it himself as a lack of judgement. it would be that he is the biggest casually out of this. >> thank you very much. >> pleasure. >> joining me now is one of the senator senators taking the said of president obama. getting heated today between the president and you guys over this issue. how convinced that you are right in your suspicions that there is genuine foul play here? more questions and answers. that is why we called for the collec
Nov 28, 2012 5:00pm PST
at the foundation of the defense of democracies. also joining us, fran townsend. you have been at the white house when a nominee is in trouble with members of congress, you know when a high stakes meeting this was between ambassador rice. the acting cia director would stumble so badly. do you think if it was an innocent mistake it adds fuel to the fire? >> this was the event took place on september the 11th. the first few days are understandable. you can sort of excuse that. but this far later it is unfortunate. mike morell. he had been senate confirmed at the deputy prior to this. very well respected. there is no excuse for it. this late in the game. these meetings were so important to be making those kinds of mistakes now. >> you say it is not an insignificant mistake that he made. >> no. i don't think so. i mean the administration got itself in trouble. being so assertive on setelevisn and denying the possibility that you add han organized terrorist attack in benghazi. and i think it got inflated and if ambassador rice and others had been determined to say that the well-known video was behind
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 134 (some duplicates have been removed)